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KaneDogs' D-I-D page.
    I dedicate this page to the lovely leading or non leading ladies who found themselves, a bit tied up, and maybe gagged. (YEAH) I will be having some great links to other DID sights as to where I got my inspiration from. Most of these are some copies which you found on other sights, until I get a video capture card, but in the mean time Please enjoy some of the pics, and the comments that follow.

Beethoven would have been more popular if he were to have this Limited Edition Piano.
Ok, you win, I love to watch Barney.
"Whoosh, that damn purple dinasaur"
"no wait, i was just kidding, MMPHH,MMPHH." As she had to watch another 24 hour marathon of the Barney.
Ok, and the winner of the Kanedog Phrase contest ....... No Body. (that is actually his name)

 "Why yes, the brown tape is nice, but I think I'll stick with the silver. It matches my top."

 Congratulation's to No Body, and keep coming by for a visit, and please drop a line. And now,
Help me figure out a saying for this next one, the one i like the best will be published along with the pic, and I will say who won, and a quick link to that sight. Thanx for playing KaneDogs Phrase for DiDs'.
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